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Film Making (DSLR)

Introducing basic filmmaking and videography technique to people with no filmmaking background.

Enable everybody to create better home videos, documentation and understanding the purpose of creating a film, shooting videos through normal handycams/DSLR cameras and developing an organized approach for better results .  

 A fifteen  session introduction to basic techniques of film making with equipment available in consumer electronics  for filmmaking. The classes will consist of understanding and developing approach to making a film whether being a home video or a stepping-stone to people from all walks of life with no previous experience or understanding of film. Hands-on demonstrations, group discussions, film screenings, and presentations of participant's work is inherent part of the course. The emphasis will be on low-budget production techniques and the development of a personal aesthetic using commonly available materials. No previous filmmaking experience is necessary. The cameras will be brought by the participants and content developed under basic lighting conditions.

Course Fee: To be announced

Batch Dates : 
Weekdays: To be announced

No. of Seats: 8

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