Certificate Course

Course Objective
This course is ideally suited for the people who  want to take up Photography as a vocation or start as an entry level professional. 
- The art of locating and seeing a subject
- The science and technology of photography
- Character of light
- Physics of light as relevant to photography
- Artificial and studio lighting
- Studio and other photographic equipments
- Conceptual Still life photography
- Product photography (studio)
- People photography (studio)
- Outdoor photography

Note: The list above is not necessarily sequential. 

*Delhi School of Photography (Pvt.) Ltd. is not affiliated/recognised by any Government institution/body. The Diploma/Certificate awarded by the institute on successful completion of the course    is from the Delhi School of Photography Pvt. Ltd.

Note : Students should have a digital camera (compact of DSLR), preferably 8 MP or higher.

New Batch Dates

Weekday Batch: (i) 9th April 2018

                             (ii) 23rd July 2018

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