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What is the setting which controls the colour in a frame?

White Balance setting ensures that the camera captures true colours. However having said that we can also play with colours to play with various colour tints in a frame.

What is exposure triangle?

Since camera is an equipment to capture light, we need to control this light which is entering the camera. This controlling of light into the camera is defined by exposure triangle. The triangle is defied by three settings, ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.

Manual or Auto Focusing, which is better?

Auto focusing system and any camera is a very advance technology. It has the capabilities of minutely focusing at a particular plain. So for detailed focusing, one can very much trust the Auto Focusing of the camera

Which camera is best for me?

Can be decided depending upon the need and budget, does not always have to be a very expensive one.

What can I achieve by attending these courses?

Aims and objectives as mentioned in each of our courses are very closely maintained. For more details please refer to the objectives of each course.

How far can I go?

To the level of professional photography

What equipment do I require?

Other than the basic camera and any other item as mentioned in the specific course, one does not require any other equipment. The school is equipped well enough.

Can I learn part-time?

Yes, many of our courses are designed for part time learning

Do you have courses for school and college students?

For school students there are special courses available which are held after school hours. For college students any of our regular courses would suit.

How much does your course cost and what is the duration?

Please refer to course details for cost and duration.

Can I choose to study specific modules or subjects?

Yes please consult our counselor

If I miss a class can I attend another one later?

Yes, as long as it is not a regular practice, as special sessions will have to be re-planned.

Can I take a course without owning a camera?

One can start a course without a camera but will need one at the later stage of the course.

Can you help me learn any specific kind of photography?

Yes specific needs can be taken care of as we have the necessary expertise for most requirements.

Do you offer lodging for outstation students?

Yes, it can be arranged at an extra cost depending upon the budget of the student.