Photography Assignments

DSP Photographers is a team of ex-students of the Delhi School of Photography ready to take  up any photography assignments.

The team comprises of photographers who have been practicing photography as their profession.

They specialize in the following

  1. Product Photography
  2. Pre-Wedding + Wedding Photography
  3. Fashion Photography
  4. E-Commerce Photography 
  5. Food Photography
  6. Special Photography Guides
  7. Maternity Photography
  8. Baby Shoots
  9. Event Photography
  10. Jewellery Photography
  11. Conceptual Photo Shoots.

Why DSP Photographers:  As a customer, it is very difficult to identify the strengths of each individual photographer for any particular genre. We at DSP PHOTOGRAPHERS have this advantage of a large number of photographers & help in the initial filtration for the customer based on particular/specific assignments & budgets. Coordination between customers & photographers can be a quite frustrating, which is again taken care of by a centralised agency. 

You can call us at : 9871642054

Photographs displayed have been taken by the team members

Infrastructure & Equipments

  1. The Team members are equipped with DSLR cameras depending on the budget. Either crop sensor or full frame cameras are used
  2. Fully equipped studio of the Delhi School of Photography for all product. Ecommerce, Jewelry and Conceptual Photoshoots

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